• Entries should be new and innovative.
  • Team work is allowed. A team should not have more than 6 members.
  • Multidisciplinary and multi-national teams are welcome.
  • Multiple teams per college/institute can participate.
  • A team is allowed to include one technical or professional person in their team who is not a student / part of an institution.
  • All students at various stages of their university careers, full-time or part-time, from undergraduate to postgraduate level (including masters and doctorate) can participate.
  • IPR Film on IP in Daily Life: 60 seconds short films or animated videos are allowed.
  • Participants are free to design their comic strip for the IP. For reference, please refer following links:

Comic Book

  • Maximum size of the file should not be more than 20MB.
  • Comic strip should not have more than 5 pages.
  • The DPI aligned with the maximum size allowed, but the higher the better.
  • The strip should be created digitally.
  • Pages should be A5 Size & file provided in PDF format.

IP Film making in daily life

  • 60 seconds animated / film videos.
  • Maximum size should not be more than 110 MB. HQ videos required (if shortlisted).
  • Participants are requested to retain the HQ or decent quality videos; it may be required after the short listing procedure.
  • Minimum Pixel (if shortlisted): 1280 X 720 (Normal) or 1920 X 1080 (HD Resolution).
  • Standard-definition video version: PAL (Phase Alternating Line).
  • You can also mail your submission at ASSOCHAM, 5, Sardar Patel Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021.

A Competition on Intellectual Property (IP)
DIPP-CIPAM, ASSOCHAM and Ericsson are organizing the IP Squad, in collaboration, for students across India. This is an exciting opportunity for students to show off their game designing and film making skills to the world. The theme of the competitions is ‘intellectual property rights’. To know more, read on!

Who can participate?
All students enrolled in undergraduate college, post graduate in India can participate. It doesn’t matter what course you are enrolled in. Whether you’re doing a course in science, commerce or humanities stream – all are welcome to participate.

  • The Comic Book Making Competition

What is IT?
The Comic Book Making Competition aims at presenting Intellectual Property concept in a light hearted manner. The participants are expected to employ their humor to design witty comic strip on the theme of IP. The comic content should align with the theme of Intellectual Property and its presence in our daily life. Comic making can be new & innovative, but here you get a chance to design a Comic from scratch.

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