Ans. All students at various stages of their university careers (full-time or part-time) from undergraduate to postgraduate level (including masters and doctorate) can participate. This competition is for residents of India only.

Ans. Participation can be a team work or an individual work both.

Ans. A team should not have more than 6 members.

Ans. Multiple members or teams per college/institute can participate.

Ans. Yes, a team is allowed to include one technical or professional person who is not a student.

Ans. Details about submissions and the winners will be sent to the Email IDs used during registration/submission.

Film: IP in daily life

Ans. No, paper prototypes are not allowed.

Ans. Maximum size should not be more than 110 MB.

Ans. Both, animated and non-animated films are allowed.

Ans. Yes, film should be in a HQ version.

Ans. Minimum pixel for normal video is 1280X720 and for HD resolution video is 1920X1080.

Ans. Entries are to be submitted on the designated webpage at www.iprism.co.in.

Ans. For convenience, we recommend that the entries are submitted on the designated webpage at www.iprism.co.in. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, you may send the entries using pen-drive/CD/DVD to ASSOCHAM, 5, Sardar Patel Marg, Chanakyapuri,  New Delhi-110021.

Ans. Standard definition video version should be Phase Alternating Line (PAL).

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