ASSOCHAM in collaboration with Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) – Cell for IPR Promotion and Management (CIPAM) and ERICSSON is pleased to announce IPrism-an IP Competition for students enrolled and currently studying at graduate, post graduate, MPhil and PhD levels in India.

This competition aims to help foster a culture of innovation and creativity. This Competition would greatly help spread awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and empower the young innovators to protect their inventions.

IPrism will provide a unique opportunity for students to learn and showcase their understanding of IPRs.

Cell for IPR Promotion and Management (CIPAM)

A professional body under the aegis of Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) which ensures focused action on issues related to IPRs and addresses the 7 identified objectives of the policy. CIPAM assists in simplifying and streamlining of IP processes, apart from undertaking steps for furthering IPR awareness, commercialization and enforcement.

To Undertake

  • Simplifying and streamlining of IP processes by formulating and implementing a focused strategy for each policy objective
  • Coordination with State level agencies and Ministries/ Departments of the Government of India, industry bodies as well as international agencies; IP cells to be set up
  • IPR awareness campaign across the country in schools,colleges/universities and the industry
  • Training and sensitization porgrammes for enforcement agencies and Judiciary; coordination for effective enforcement of IPR rights.
  • Study and facilitate implementation of best practices for promotion and commercialization of IP within the country

For more information, please visit www. http://cipam.gov.in/

About Assocham

ASSOCHAM initiated its endeavour of value creation for Indian industry in 1920. Having in its fold more than 300 Chambers and Trade Associations, and serving more than 4 lakh members from all over India. It has witnessed upswings as well as upheavals of Indian Economy, and contributed significantly by playing a catalytic role in shaping up the Trade, Commerce and Industrial environment of the country.

Today, ASSOCHAM has emerged as the fountainhead of Knowledge for Indian industry, which is all set to redefine the dynamics of growth and development in the technology driven cyber age of ‘Knowledge Based Economy’.

ASSOCHAM derives its strength from its Promoter Chambers and other Industry/Regional Chambers/Associations spread all over the country.

For more information please visit :- www.assocham.org

About Ericsson

Over the past 140 years, Ericsson has been at the forefront of communications technology. Today, Ericsson has committed to maximize customer value by continuously evolving their business portfolio and leading the ICT industry.

Ericsson are a global leader in delivering ICT solutions. In fact, 40% of the world’s mobile traffic is carried over Ericsson networks. Ericsson has customers in over 180 countries and comprehensive industry solutions ranging from Cloud services and Mobile Broadband to Network Design and Optimization.

Ericsson services, software and infrastructure – especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud – are enabling the communications industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve user experience and capture new opportunities.

Ericsson has one of the industry’s strongest patent portfolios with a total count of over 42,000 granted patents. R&D is at the heart of their business and approximately 23,700 employees are dedicated to their R&D activities. This commitment to R&D allows us to drive forward their vision for a Networked Society – one where everyone and everything is connected in real time – enabling new ways to collaborate, share and get informed.

For more information please visit :- www.ericsson.com

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